Long Island Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Wine Tour Limo

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Wine Tour in

Long Island

When you plan a bachelor/bachelorette party, it is never complete without some fine wine and we want to mix our luxurious vehicles with absolutely fine wines. Our Long Island Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Wine Tour Limo are just what you need to pump up your last single day. Enjoy and have a marvelous time in our super comfortable and spacious vehicles offering some incredible services at affordable rates.

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Long Island Wine tasting tour 

Don’t go looking for a cheap Long Island Wine tasting tour, when you can hire us Long Island Winery Limo and enjoy the deluxe ride at economical prices. We have several vehicles and you can choose according to the total number of people in your group.

Bachelor Party Wine Tasting Tours

Your stag days are not yet over and you can soak it all in with our super amazing Bachelor Party Wine Tasting Tours. You deserve one last extravagant and crazy trip before you say I do with us, Long Island Winery Limo.

Bachelorette Party Wine Tasting Tours

Our Bachelorette Party Wine Tasting Tours is one incredible trip where fine taste meets fine ride. Your girl gang will have a whimsical time, sipping fabulous wine in an even more fabulous ride. Long Island Winery Limo has several packages for your bachelorette party travels.

Long Island Winery Tours for Couples

Let your romance bloom like the finest of the wines with our Long Island Winery Tours for Couples. You two can have an amazing time, sip some wine and enjoy each other’s company with our flawless tour service. Long Island Winery Limo has plenty of packages at economical rates. 

North Fork Wine Tours

Acres of lush green vineyards and an aromatic flavourful wine in your hand, what more do you need from life. Get this stimulating experience and much more with our North Fork Wine Tours. We will pick you up and take you around some of the finest vineyards in Long Island. Give us, Long Island Winery Limo, a chance, and you won’t be disappointed.

Best Wine Tours Long Island

Looking for the Best Wine Tours Long Island then we at Long Island Winery Limo are the answer to all your wine tour queries. Over the years we have not just acquired the fine tastebuds for wine but also perfected our wine tour services. Just give us a ring and we will make your wine tasting an eventful experience.

Long Island Wine Tour Service

Long Island is incredibly diverse and offers a wide range of vineyards and wineries. We have seen them all with our excellent Long Island Wine Tour Service you can see them too. Some Beautiful Vineyards in Long Island:

  • Macari Vineyards
  • Channing Daughters
  • McCall Wines
  • Rose Hill Vineyards & Inn
  • Pindar Vineyards
  • Borghese Vineyard
  • Del Vino Vineyards
  • Osprey’s Dominion
  • Croteaux Vineyards

Our Fleet

We have an amazing collection of vehicles which can carry 1 to 27 passengers. Pick and choose the type of vehicle that suits your need the best.

  • Cadillac XTS (1-3 Passengers)
  • SUV (1-6 Passengers)
  • Stretch Limousine (1-8 Passengers)
  • Mercedes Sprinter Van (7-13 Passengers)
  • Transit High Top Van (7-13 Passengers)
  • Escalade Limousine (14-18 Passengers)
  • Executive Shuttle Bus (14-27 Passengers)

Tips for Wine Tasting

When it comes to wine there is an art to drinking a matured vine. We at Long Island Winery Limo have some tricks and tips to get the best out of wine tasting:

  • It’s all in the VIEW!

When you look straight down into the wine, it gives you an idea of its density and saturation. Deeply saturated, dark-colored wine maybe a Syrah and a lighter tone point to Pinot Noir.

Viewing the glass from the side while holding it in light gives you an idea of its clarity. A bit murky wine indicates some problems while fermenting or sedimentation while a clear sparkling wine is your best bet.

Tilt the wine to get some hints about its age and weight. 

  • Shake it!

Or swirl it gently to see if the wine forms “legs” or “tears” that run down from the side of the glass. Good wines from good legs indicate they are denser, ripper, and more flavourful. 

  • The ultimate Sniff

Take a small, quick sniff and let the aroma of the wine engulf you. You might get some fruits, herbs, or flowers fragrance from the wine. Smelling the wines opens your brain to the complex molecules of the wine.

  • And we Taste!

You have waited long enough and now its time to taste the fruit of your labor. Take a tiny sip and let your tastebuds do the rest.

Now that you have become a pro at wine tasting let our Long Island Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Wine Tour Limo take you to the winery to test out your knowledge.