Long Island Party Bus Wine Tour

Long Island Party Bus Wine Tour

Party Bus Wine Tour in Long Island

Are you planning a group wine tour? Are you looking for the best luxury transportation provider to take care of your group ride? You don’t have to look further. Long Island Winery Limo is at your service. We offer the best Long Island party bus wine tour for your wine tasting tour. 

Whether you are planning a vineyard wedding, bachelorette party, birthday party, family reunion, or a weekend getaway at the winery, you can trust us to take care of your transportation arrangement. Simply call us today and we will take care of everything while you relax and enjoy the ride.

When is the Best Time to go on a Group Wine Tour?

Wineries and vineyards are open all year round. If you want milder and more enjoyable temperatures for your wine tour, fall or spring would be the best for your wine tour. During this season, temperatures are a bit calm when compared to summer. 

You also get to enjoy more winery activities during fall or spring than you would if it were the winter season. Springtime ushers winery-goers back to the wineries and that is when it begins to get livelier at the winery. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t go on a group wine tour in other seasons. Whenever you choose to go on a wine tour, our Long Island wine tours with transportation are available for your use.

How much does a Long Island Party Bus Cost?

Party bus Long Island prices vary. The size of the bus you need and the duration you want to use it for would all determine how much you pay for the rental service. For instance, a 14-15 passenger party bus at Long Island wineries costs an average of $150 per hour during the week. 

However, it can go as high as $185 to $200 on Fridays and weekends. Meanwhile, buses with the capacity for up to 50 passengers can cost between $200 and $360 per hour, depending on the day and time. You can talk to us at Long Island Winery Limo to get an accurate quote. 

We offer amazing packages for North Fork wine tours and bachelorette parties. Trust us to deliver an amazing service to you always.

Can we drink on a Long Island Bachelorette Winery Tour?

Yes, you can! At Long Island Winery, we understand that your bachelorette party can start earlier than the time you get to the winery. That means you can start the party right on your party bus at Long Island wineries

We generally provide bottled water and soft drinks with your ride. However, you can request champagne or mixers during your ride. 

Since you’re going on a Long Island bachelorette winery tour, we recommend that you don’t take any drink except water so you can enjoy the taste of the wines at the wineries. On your way back, you can drink your wine as your chauffeur drives you back to your hotel.

What is the Largest Size Party Bus for Bachelorette Party Packages on Long Island?

There are three types of bus size ranges that you can choose from. The smaller party buses can comfortably accommodate 14-16 passengers. The standard-sized party buses can accommodate 20-30 passengers comfortably and the larger sized buses can sit 36-50 passengers comfortably. 

It doesn’t matter the size of guests you have in your party group, Long Island Winery Limo offers the best bachelorette party packages on Long Island that will suit your needs.

How Many People Fit in a Limo Wine Tour?

We understand that you may want something cozy for your Fire Island bachelorette party ideas. You don’t have to worry. 

Our Hamptons bachelorette party limo is available for your use. Most limos can seat between 8-and 18 passengers. That means if you opt for a standard limo, you can travel with as many as 18 passengers comfortably.

Hire Long Island Bachelorette Wine Tour Limo

Long Island Winery Limo is always at your service. When you need the perfect Long Island bachelorette winery tour limo, we are the best transportation service provider of your choice. Call us today and make your event as memorable as you want.

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