Limo is Better than UBER

Limo is Better than UBER
Limo is Better than UBER

4 Reasons Why Renting a Limo is Way Better than UBER Any Day

Without a doubt, the impact of ride-sharing services such as Uber cannot be downplayed. They make getting around easy and smooth most of the time. However, the truth is that these services always come with hitches and serious issues. 

Many riders have reported various assaults, such as sexual harassment and the legal status of Uber drivers across the world. So, what about choosing a Long Island Limo service instead? If you have a special meeting, events, or running around that require a special ride, then choosing a Limo rental in Long Island would be the best choice.

Why You Should Choose a Limo over an Uber Ride

There is a wrong perception that limos are for the rich and famous. Well, the truth is that limos are now common luxury transportation than they used to be. Today, it is common to see people riding in limos to business meetings, Long Island winery private parties, and other events. 

The best part is that it is not as expensive as people assume. Of course, if you want something luxurious, you should be willing to pay a little more for it. Here are four reasons why you should consider renting a Long Island Limo service instead of riding in a Uber cab.

You Enjoy Exceptional Professional Experience with Limo Rental Long Island

Limo companies use some of the best professional and experienced drivers that you can find. Unlike ride-sharing companies like Uber where the drivers are contract workers, chauffeurs working with limo companies are full staff. These professionals go through rigorous training and background checks as well as drug testing. 

They must also fulfill specific requirements set out by the chauffeur company before they can be hired. For Uber drivers, you do not get more than a ride to your destination. If you are considering a wine-tasting Long Island experience, for instance, choosing a limo service is definitely your best option. 

Limo allows you to Travel in Style and Luxury

Uber is a utilitarian service, which means that it is meant to get you from point A to B quickly. It is relatively affordable and does not come with any frills. However, if you want to travel in style for a special occasion, such as a wedding, corporate event, or bachelor/bachelorette party, a limo ride would be the best way to travel in luxury and style to your event. 

With a limo rental Long Island, you can travel with a group of friends without getting cramped in a compact car that is synonymous with Uber. If you also have lots of luggage, an Uber would be the wrong choice of transportation. Limo rental service Long Island comes highly recommended in this case.

Limo Lets You Know How Much You Will Pay Upfront

Uber’s rate is very unpredictable; thanks to the early evening and traffic hours rate changes. If you want to ride an Uber during peak hours, you must be ready to pay more. With a limo, you do not have this issue. You get to book your limo ride and pay a standard rate given by the limo company. 

Irrespective of whether you ride during peak or off-peak hours, your fee does not change. For instance, if you choose a Long Island limo winery package, you get to pay a specific rate for the duration of using the limo. You will not be charged anything extra, no matter how busy the road is.

You Enjoy a More Comfortable and Luxurious Travel

A limo ride is more than riding from one location to another. It is more of an experience. For instance, if you have a special event like a bachelorette/bachelor party, Limo wine tours, you are not just being driven from point A to point B. 

From the time you step into the limo, you begin to experience luxury and entertainment at its best. The seats are more comfortable and the entertainment features are world-class. You get to move around in the limo and have fun with your friends. With an Uber, you are stuck to your seat and may not even get the luxury of listening to a boring radio station. 


A limo is undoubtedly better than an Uber ride any day. With a limo ride, you can explore different options and take advantage of advanced reservations, concierge services, online booking, and more. You also can choose your car and get a professional chauffeur assigned to you. 

With a limo, your chauffeur helps with your luggage and you also have the chance to alter your schedule. You cannot get this even with the best of Uber drivers. So, the next time you think of traveling in style, you should consider choosing a Long Island Limo Service instead of an Uber.