Laurelton Wine Tour Limo Service

Long Island is a dream destination for serious wine aficionados as well as those who just want to have a glass of good wine and our Laurelton Wine Tour Limo Service is perfect for both. We at Long Island Winery Limo have a full scoop on everything from the best vineyards on Long Island, the best hotels on Long Island, to the top-rated wine tastings. Macari Vineyard, Pindar Vineyards, Rose Hill Vineyards & Inn, Sparkling Pointe, and Paumanok Vineyards are among its well-known wineries. So, if you’re seeking the best Long Island Limousine Rental Service, go no further than Long Island Winery Limo. 

Laurelton Wine Tour Limo Service
Laurelton Wine Tour Limo Service

We have a fabulous armada that provides a deluxe and comfortable vehicle for your next Long Island Wine Tour. We also give an option of Car & Bus Rental Service in Laurelton ranging from $60 to $150 per hour. Check out our entire fleet:

Cadillac XTS, SUV, and Stretch Limousine (capacity ranges from 1 to 8 passengers) 

Mercedes Sprinter Van, and Transit High Top Van (capacity ranges from 7 to 13 passengers) 

Escalade Limousine and Executive Shuttle Bus (capacity ranges from 14 to 27 passengers) 

Please note that all our vehicles are disinfected after each trip to keep us on top of the COVID pandemic. We request that you do your bookings as much in advance as possible to get the best deals.

North Fork Wine Tour Limo Service

North Fork with its favorable weather is great for grape cultivation giving you distinct flavorful wines and you can explore it all with our North Fork Wine Tour Limo Service. We also provide North Fork Wine Tour Bus Service, if you want to vacation with your large bunch of superb people. We offer customizable Long Island Wine Tour packages at very reasonable rates. Give us, Long Island Winery Limo a ping and we are sure to give you some thrilling deals. 

Wine Glossary 

We all love our glass of wine but if you want to impress then knowing certain terms helps to create a solid impression especially when you are on a Long Island Wine Tasting Tour

Legs- No we are not talking about the ones that walk but the ones that are created when you swirl a glass of wine. A full-bodied wine will have more legs and more alcohol content.

Bouquet- throw around this word when you are talking about the complex aromas of the wine. Bouquet takes a long time to develop and is the characteristic smell of a matured wine, but note that it is not the same as the aroma. Rediscover your nose and taste buds with our Wine Tour Limo Service in Laurelton.

Terroir- Region and climate where the grape was grown and often used to refer to flavors indicating grape region. This word has its origins in the French language. 

Varietal- A varietal wine is called after a specific type of grape it is made from. There has to be a certain percentage of grape in wine for it to be declared as a varietal. 

Tight- Tight wine is one that does not express as much aroma or taste as it should, usually due to the fact that it is still young.

Long Island Winery Limo hopes to indulge you with more fun facts with our Long Island Wine Tour Limo Service. 

Call us at (631) 973-0000 for all Wine Tour Car Rental Services or Click Here!  for bookings.

Wine Tour Bus Service in Laurelton

Our Wine Tour Bus Service in Laurelton is the best in its class offering exquisite vehicles which provide plenty of legroom, a sanitized interior/exterior, and a fantastic bar. Our buses can comfortably seat up to 27 passengers and comes with a plasma TV for entertainment. Sightsee some of the top vineyards in town while enjoying a delicious glass of wine and some delectable food on the side with friends and family. Long Island Winery Limo wants to make your trip an outstanding one, so don’t delay and hire us immediately and enjoy our flawless services at affordable rates.

Best Rated Restaurants on Long Island 

Best Rated Restaurants on Long Island 
Best Rated Restaurants on Long Island 

We all love a good meal and when it is locally produced then the taste intensifies manifold. Enjoy mouth-watering locally produced food with our Long Island Wine Tour packages. Long Island’s proximity to aquatic life threaded by intersected rivers, is a perfect setting for a diverse range of excellent eateries. Some are these marvelous restaurants are understated, while others are lavish. You will find that fresh seafood and fish, as well as seasonal local veggies and wines from local wineries, are in abundance. We at Long Island Winery Limo, have jotted down the Best Rated Restaurants on Long Island for you to try:

Mill Pond                                               Veronica Ristorante                       Farm Country Kitchen

Bostwick’s Chowder House             Navy Beach                                       Nantucket’s 

Maureen’s Kitchen                             Sandbar                                              Mosaic

Tullulah’s Bay Shore                         Ed’s Lobster Bar                               DiMaggio’s Trattoria