Wine Tour Limo Service in Massapequa, NY

Luxury holidays are never cost-effective and when you add the fantastic experience of wine tastings then cheap Wine Tour Limo Service will never live up to the standards of the quality of our Wine Tour Limo Service in Massapequa, NY. Just don’t stress and let Long Island Winery Limo, plan your next spectacular wine jackpot at very economical prices so that your pocket doesn’t pinch while giving you a premium trip.  

Wine Tour Limo Service in Massapequa, NY
Wine Tour Limo Service in Massapequa, NY

Service Locations– We are available for hire in Nassau County, Suffolk County, NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island to name a few. We pride ourselves on being the top-rated Wine Tour Limo Service in Massapequa, NY, offering premium services at very affordable prices. 

Our deluxe fleet includes Cadillac XTS, SUV, Stretch Limousine, Escalade Limousine, Executive Shuttle Bus, Mercedes Sprinter Van, and Transit High Top Van. We also offer deluxe Wine Tour Car & Bus Rental Service in Massapequa, NY, which ranges from $60 and goes up to $150 an hour. Call us at (631) 973-0000 or Click Here! for booking our Wine Tour Limo Service in Massapequa, NY.

Massapequa, NY Wine Tours, and Packages 

A tour of Long Island wineries and tasting rooms is the best method to learn about the region’s wineries and wines. We at Long Island Winery Limo have decades of experience in handling and planning the perfect wine tour holiday for our esteemed customers and therefore have crafted our flawless Massapequa, NY Wine Tours and Packages. Allow our well-informed chauffeurs to guide you on your wine journey while you sit back and relax. All our packages are tailor-made as per the specifications given by the client. You can also opt to choose from pre-existing packages as per your need. For your safe and secure Long Island Wine Tour Limousine journey, we ensure all our vehicles are sanitized, drivers and checked, and vehicles fully updated. 

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Wine Tour Limo Service

Make lifelong memories with our Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Wine Tour Limo Service. Amidst popular myth that only women love wine, we like to squash that with the fact and years of experience of wine tours that men and women both love their wine alike. We offer a variety of tour packages, including our in-demand Wine Tour Party Bus Service in Massapequa offering exclusive door-to-door transport at reasonable costs.

North Fork Wine Tour Limo Service from Massapequa

North Fork Wine Tour Limo Service from Massapequa
North Fork Wine Tour Limo Service from Massapequa


The beautiful wine hamlet of North fork is just 51.5 miles away and you can reach there in just an hour with our splendid North Fork Wine Tour Limo Service from Massapequa. A wine tour should be rich in information and tastings giving everyone who experiences it an out-of-world feeling. Long Island Winery Limo has been providing the highest level of chauffeured luxury along with premium services to our long list of fully satisfied customers. We would be delighted to hear from you, give us a ring today!

Wine Musings for Wine Lovers

You can delve and delve and still only hit the top of all the information that is available on wine and its interesting way of manufacturing. Explore the many riches of wine with our Long Island Wine Tour Limo with Transportation Service. Here are a few facts about wines:

Wine created exclusively from grapes picked in the same year is called Vintage wine while wines that are made from several years of grapes are known as Non-vintage wines. If you love those vintage wines then we recommend our Wine Tastings at Macari Vineyard package or you can also try our Pindar Vineyard Wine Tour package. Both these wineries serve premium flavorful wines to excite your taste buds. 

The level of interaction that grape juice has with grape skins affects the hue of the wine, as well as the amount of tannins in the final product.

When white wines are stored in the cold, harmless diamond-like sediment known as tartrate crystals forms. Wouldn’t we love such diamonds! Wölffer Estate Vineyard has an interesting guide to the winemaking process and you can have a look at it with our Wölffer Estate Vineyard Wine Limo Tour

Champagne can only be called Champagne when it is bottled and grown in France’s Champagne region. The best champagne on long island is available at the famous Sparkling Pointe Vineyard and you can be there with our Massapequa Wine Tour Limo Service.

Where do the bubbles in Champagne come from? Champagne’s bubbles are created in the bottle itself due to the yeast and sugar that are added to the mix, which interact to produce carbon dioxide over at least 15 months.

We’ve just touched on a few wine mysteries with you so far, but there are plenty more to tell, and we’d be delighted to do so with our Long Island Wine Tour Limo Service from Massapequa.