Wine Tour Limo Service in Elmhurst, NY

Enjoy the best way of relaxing, trying different wines, and learning about winemaking with our Wine Tour Limo Service in Elmhurst, NY. Your next escapade should be well planned and filled with memorable moments and we at Long Island Winery Limo, will make all that happen. Give us a call and get an instant quotation.

Wine Tour Limo Service in Elmhurst, NY
Wine Tour Limo Service in Elmhurst, NY

Top 10 best Limo Wine Tours in NY

Hunting for the Top 10 best Limo Wine Tours in NY and we at Long Island Winery Limo are bound to fall in your lap. From our exquisite Sprinter van limo service to Executive Shuttle Bus Service, we have it all at affordable prices not to mention that it comes with a plethora of amenities. These pandemic times are scary and we always make sure our clients are safe therefore our vehicles are sanitized after every trip so you can enjoy a carefree trip with us. Give us a call and avail of some exciting offers.

Wine is our, Long Island Winery Limo’s well-crafted dictionary, especially for all the wine tasting beginners. We want to ensure you have all knowledge before you embark on a wonderful Long Island Wine Tour.

Top 10 best Limo Wine Tours in NY
Top 10 best Limo Wine Tours in NY

These words are used to describe wines- dry, oaky, enology, Cuvee, grip, buttery, lees, velvety, steely, nouveau, musty, reticent, aging, etc. Other than these some very famous people had loads to say about the wine:

Julia Child once said, “Wine is meant to be with food, that is the point of it.”

Louis Pasteur once said, “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”

Our beloved actress/producer/director Drew Barrymore quoted, “I’m sure wine snobs look at me and think, how dare you.”

Even William Shakespeare had articulately defined wine saying, “Give me a bowl of wine. I have not that alacrity of spirit nor cheer of mind that I was wont to have.”

Long Island Wine Tours with Transportation

Long Island Winery Limo presents to you some of the finest services blended with a breath-taking experience of wine tastings with our Long Island Wine Tours with Transportation. We understand that it’s your vacation and you just want a fun-filled day with friends and family without stressing about planning the whole event, so we bring you our Long Island wine tours with drivers to eliminate the exhaustion and strain of driving on unfamiliar roads. We also provide Private day trips to wine country at reasonable prices.

Winery Tour Limo Service NY

With sceneries our of a novel, it is hard to resist the wine destinations of Long Island and with our Winery Tour Limo Service NY, you won’t have to. Book with us and you won’t even have to stress about the prices because we at Long Island Winery Limo guarantee to give you the best rates in the industry. With so much to see and do, we recommend you book with us in advance to get the best possible packages. We also have tailor-made packages as per individual needs.

Long Island Wine Tours from Elmhurst, NY

Discover the saporous wines from Macari Vineyards or enjoy the wide horizon of the Pindar Vineyards, we at Long Island Winery Limo have it all planned for you with our Long Island Wine Tours from Elmhurst, NY. Wine tasting can be such an interesting activity and when you combine it with some delicious food then it becomes one invigorating experience. We have several delightful wine tour limo packages for your wonderful trip. Some of our popular choices include- wine tour limo service for couples and Long Island wine tour party bus service.  

Planning a Long Island Wine Tour

You have decided to go on a trip to the nearest vineyard but are having a difficult time deciding on where, how, and what of it. Don’t worry, we at Long Island Winery Limo have come up with some tips for planning a perfect Long Island Wine Tour weekend getaway for you.

  1. Look at the top-rated vineyards around you. Some popular choices include- Macari Vineyards, Pindar Vineyards, Palmer Vineyards, RGNY, etc. 
  2. Look for some good restaurants and hotels in the area if you planning on staying for a night or two. Some magnificent hotels on Long Island- Hyatt Regency Long Island, Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa, Oheka castle, The Garden City Hotel, etc. 
  3. Hire the best limo & Car rental service in Elmhurst so that your trip is enjoyable as well as opulent. Choose as per the number of people and the cost per head.
  4. All you need now is to be on the road with the people you love and arrive at the destination with style.

Now that we have given you an insight into planning a good wine tour, we offer our pre-planned Wine Tour Limo Service so you can enjoy a hassle-free trip.

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