Private Wine Tour Transportation by Long Island Winery Limo

Private Wine Tour Transportation

Private Long Island Wine Tour Packages for 2

Can I have a private wine tour? Yes, you can! With private wine tour transportation by Long Island Winery Limo, all you have to do is book your Long Island wine tours. Then, you can relax; savor the delicious taste of wine, while we take care of the drive and the rest. 

From the East End to North Fork, you can explore the best wineries and vineyards that New York has to offer. Whether you are a newbie to the vines or a wine enthusiast, Long island Winery Limo assures you of an unforgettable wine tasting experience. Book one of our Long Island limo wine tour packages and let us get started!

If you are planning a romantic getaway with our private Long Island wine tour packages for 2, you can expect the best experience. Each package comes with different elements and also at different costs. 

Depending on your choice of package, you can visit up to five different vineyards and the tour can last between eight to ten hours. Some wineries that are included in the packages are:

  • Osprey’s Dominion
  • Macari Vineyards
  • Pugliese Vineyards
  • Raphael Vineyards
  • Bedell Cellars
  • Sparkling Pointe
  • Pellegrini Vineyards

Among others, the package will include the tasting fee, boxed lunches, and luxurious round-trip transportation.

What is the Rate for Limo Wine Tours Long Island?

There are a couple of things that make up the cost of renting Limo wine tours Long Island. First, the package that you choose will influence the cost. For instance, are you choosing a package for three vineyards or five vineyards? 

Will you require that we customize your Long Island wine tours rather than choose one of our standard packages? All these are contributing factors to how much you pay for your wine tour with a limo in Long Island. On average, the rate for wine tours would be about $150 per person.

How Do I Book Limo Wine Tours Long Island?

It is pretty simple to make your reservation for limo wine tours Long Island. In three simple steps, you can complete the whole process and get ready for a memorable time in one of the most beautiful regions in New York. Here are the simple steps to book your private North Fork wine tours:

  • Fill out the reservation form on our page and provide the required details. You have to select your wineries and vineyards of choice as well as the tour date.
  • Select your party size, which is the number of people that you want to go on a private wine bus tour with. Next, select any add-ons that you want us to provide with your package.
  • Make payment and confirm your payment and you will get a follow-up email

You can then look forward to your wine tour with your friends. We assure you that it will be a memorable and fun experience for everyone.

Can we come along with Food for our Limo Wine Tours Long Island?

Not all wineries and vineyards allow visitors to bring outside food to the wineries. Instead, they provide catering services for guests that want to hold special events at their wineries. 

However, some others do. Therefore, before you make any arrangement for outside food for your limo wine tours Long Island, we recommend that you discuss with our reservation specialists to advise on the specific wineries that allow guests to bring in food. 

When is the Best Time for Long Island Wine Tour Packages for 2?

Warmer weathers are believed to be the best time for Long Island wine tour packages for 2. However, this does not mean that you cannot go on a winter wine tour Long Island. Some wineries open all year round, which means you can choose anytime to go on a wine tour. 

At Long Island Winery Limo, we offer our limo wine tours Long Island year-round. Therefore, you can use our service for your wine tour whenever you want. You can trust us to provide you with the best North Fork wine tours at a very competitive price. 

Are you ready to make your reservation for a wine tour limo in Long Island? Fill out the form on our page or contact our customer support if you have any inquiries.