Long Island Wineries with Food Destination

Long Island Wineries with Food Destination
Long Island Wineries with Food Destination

Top Long Island Wineries with Food Destination

Long Island has what it takes to quench your thirst for the best of wines comparable to those available in the wine regions of France and California. If you are resident in New York, you do not have to stress about traveling long hours or flying out of the country to enjoy high-quality wines. 

All you need is a limo wine tour to experience the top Long Island wineries with food. Are you ready to get intoxicated with some delicious wine tasting tours? Here are the top destinations that offer great wines with food.

  • Macari Vineyards

If you are looking for a family-friendly winery and vineyards, Macari Vineyards should be your top consideration. Located on a 500-acre Mattituck property, the winery has been owned and managed by two generations of the Macari family. The vineyard shares the land with Texas Longhorns, Sicilian donkeys, and other friendly and beautiful animals. 

You can explore the beautiful wines on offer at this vineyard and order some delicious cuisine to go with it. When you plan to go on a wine tasting tour in this destination, you can trust us at Long Island Winery Limo to offer you the best wine tour limo packages that will be within your budget.

  • Raphael

When you choose to visit Raphael, you are definitely on a Mediterranean trip. The winery is modeled after a stunning Tuscan villa. You will find high-rated cabernet franc, chardonnay, red Bordeaux blends, and more. If you are looking for intimate Long Island wine tours to explore, Raphael should be on the top list. 

The owner, John Petrocelli surely has its signature Italian influences at the winery. Therefore, when you visit and you are served with charcuterie accompaniments and cheese with your wine, you should not be surprised. 

If you are planning a group wine tour, Raphael is also a great destination and with our party bus wine tour NYC, you never have to worry about the transportation arrangement.

  • Channing Daughters

Located on the East End of Long Island, Channing Daughters grows over two dozes of grape varietals, which include merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and chardonnay. It is also a top destination for exclusive products that you would love. 

So, when you are ready to go on wine tasting without denting a hole in your wallet, this is surely a place to consider. With our bus wine tours, we can make the best packages available to you. To accompany the wines, you can also explore the varieties of finger foods that are available at the winery.

  • Bedell Cellars

Bedell Cellars offers some of the best hand-crafted white and red wine varieties that you can find. This winery is an acclaimed destination for a variety of wines and it served as the US Presidential Inauguration of 2013. 

So, if you are looking forward to being treated like a star, visit this winery and explore its elegant tasting room that is beautifully decorated with a contemporary art collection from Lynne. Our vineyard limousine Long Island is always at your service to take you to and from the winery and more.

  • Kontokosta Winery

This is a family-owned and managed vineyard located in the heart of Long Island where it overlooks the Long Island Sound. This site has a lot going for it, thanks to the combination of its award-winning wines and stunning water views. You can choose between the outdoors, which overlooks the waterfront, or the elegant indoor wine tasting room. 

If you have an event, such as a bachelorette party, wedding, or birthday party, Kontokosta Winery is a great place to celebrate. You will find an amazing menu that will complement the wines at the destination. Trust us to provide you with the best Limo wine tour.


Whether summer or winter wine tour Long Island, these are the top destinations that you can visit. Everything you need for a memorable wine tour experience is available at these wineries and vineyards. At Long Island Winery Limo, we have got you covered with your wine tour limo packages.