Laurel Hollow Wine Tour Limo Service

Lose yourself in the enigmatic world of wine and learn the craft of winemaking from the best winemakers in town with our Laurel Hollow Wine Tour Limo Service. Your dandy luxurious ride comes at super affordable rates by Long Island Winery Limo. We are just as excited as you to plan your next fabulous holiday with us in one of the most beautiful picture-perfect places in New York. 

Laurel Hollow Wine Tour Limo Service
Laurel Hollow Wine Tour Limo Service


You have decided to take a Long Island Wine Tour and we want to make this an incredible experience

Know your wines with our Wine Tour Limo Service in Laurel Hollow, NY. Call at (631) 973-0000 or Click Here! for booking our Long Island Wine Tour. 

Limo Wine Tour Laurel Hollow, NY

Do you love your luscious wine? Then Join us, Long Island Winery Limo as we take you on a tour of Long Island’s Top wineries. Soak in the stunning vistas of the chateaus and partake in exquisite wine tastings while vacationing in the lovely vineyards; our Limo Wine Tour Laurel Hollow, NY, has it all. Our deluxe vehicles are yours for the day at a very economical price. We recommend these vehicles for:

Small groups (2-7 passengers) – Cadillac XTS, SUV, and Stretch Limousine

Medium groups (up to 13 passengers) – Mercedes Sprinter Van, and Transit High Top Van.

Large groups (up to 27 passengers) – Escalade Limousine and Executive Shuttle Bus

The price range for the above-mentioned Long Island Wine Tour Car & Bus Rentals varies from $60 to $150 per hour.

Bus Wine Tours from Laurel Hollow, NY

The long weekend is just around the corner, so make sure you have bookmarked our Bus Wine Tours from Laurel Hollow, NY, for the same. When you have a large group to plan and accommodate, our Shuttle Bus Service and Sprinter Van Service are perfect for a long as well as short comfortable journey. All our buses come with an elegant bar and a plasma TV also they are thoroughly sanitized after every trip, keeping in mind the safety of our customers. Always go for the best wine tour in Laurel Hollow because Long Island Winery Limo services come with a competent driver, round-the-clock client support, and top-of-the-line vehicles. Give us a call and we’ll help you plan your next adventure.

Wine Tour Limo Package with Hotel

With our Wine Tour Limo Package with Hotel, you can do a lot more than just drink wines when you visit the stunning vineyards on Long Island. Participate in a variety of exciting activities, indulge in an array of wine tastings, and have stimulating conversations.  Some vineyards have amazing B&Bs for you to stay on-site and complete the experience. Our All-inclusive Long Island Wine Tour Limo Package is what makes for a perfectly planned holiday. The package includes wine tastings, meals, transport, and your stay at a hotel of your choice. Long Island Winery Limo has several deals and packages for all your Long Island Wine Tour needs.

Steps of Wine Tastings

Steps of Wine Tastings
Steps of Wine Tastings

Sommeliers have years of experience handling some of the finest wines on the planet but you can learn the art just as easily with our guidance. Long Island Winery Limo suggests these steps while tasting a wine:

Step 1- Look

Take one long hard look at your wine and inspect it thoroughly for color, brightness, and clarity. A good wine will have a rich color, and will be clear and intense with no suspended particles. You can learn this fine trick and more with our Long Island Wine Tasting Tours.

Step 2- Smell

Stick your nose in the wine glass and take in all the smells of the wine. Aromas reveal character and clarity in great wines, whilst aromas in average wines are uninteresting. It’s worth noting that not all wines have an aromatic bouquet, and some are more subdued than others. Give your glass a gentle swirl to release all its various smells. You might be able to smell fruity or floral aromas as well as other flavors depending on whether the wine is young, old, oak-aged, etc. 

Step 3- Taste

The most exciting step is to sip that delicious wine slowly and let the liquid stay on your palate for a short while so your mind can process the complex flavors of it. We often experience taste as the combination of a wine’s flavor, body, and texture.

Step 4- Complete the Tasting

Now that your brain has done its job at exploring the varied flavors of wine, take another sip to access the wine quality with focus on depth, strength and complexity. If what you taste is rich, textured, balanced, and has a great finish then you have picked a winner. 

Good going you have learned to pick wines like a Sommelier! Now put your knowledge to the test with our fantastic North Fork Wine Tour Limo Service.