Book Your Wine Tour Limo on New Year 2022 Celebration in Long Island


Long Island Winery Limo
Long Island Winery Limo

When best to visit the wine country if not during the New Year celebration and with Long Island Winery Limo service, you can only experience the most luxurious celebration. Long Island winemaking symbolizes a strong, deep, decade-long, and seasonal relationship between table and land. 

With the robust community of winemakers in the West Suffolk County, South Fork, and North Fork, there are many wineries and vineyards to explore this coming New Year. 

So, are you ready to prepare for a beautiful New Year celebration? Choose limo wine tours in Long Island for a memorable New Year. You can trust Long Island Winery Limo to offer you the best limo experience on this special day.

Top Long Island Wineries and Vineyards to Celebrate the New Year

Long Island represents a variety of grapes, winemaking processes, and tasting room experiences. That means you can look forward to a diverse experience across different wineries. 

If you are looking for an escape into the beautiful regions of Long Island wineries and vineyards, our winter wine tour Long Island limo will ensure you arrive in grand style and luxury. Here are the top wineries and vineyards you can book your wine tour limo on New Year 2020 celebration in Long Island.

Wine Tours Long Island Limo to Macari Vineyard

The 500-acre Mattituck property is a perfect destination for your New Year 2022 celebration. It offers an elegant tasting room, delicious wine, and exquisite outdoor seating. For finger foods, you will love the best pizza served at the Macari Vineyards. With the beautiful fields, wine, and pizza, you are sure to have a memorable New Year celebration. 

If you want something with a more upscale vibe, the tasting room and fields at Macari will wow you. For your transportation arrangement, Long Island Winery Limo is at your service. We offer top-class vineyard limousine and party bus options, depending on how many people you want to go on the wine tour with.

Long Island Winery Party Bus to Bedell Cellars

If you want a taste of some delicious handcrafted white and red wine varieties to start the New Year, you will find the perfect varietal at Bedell Cellars. It may interest you to know that the wines served at the 2013 US Presidential Inauguration were from Bedell Cellars. 

So, if you want to enjoy a star treatment with your loved ones as you usher in the New Year, let us take you to the elegant tasting room at this winery. You will love every moment of the experience. 

When it comes to your transportation, Long Island Winery Limo has the perfect group transportation for you. Our Long Island winery party bus is a luxurious and comfortable ride for your wine tour group.

Long Island Wine Tour Packages for 2 to Raphael Winery

Escape the dazzling lights in New York and explore the Mediterranean at Raphael to celebrate the 2022 New Year. At Raphael, you will find a winery that is modeled after a stunning Tuscan villa where you can enjoy high-rated Bordeaux blend chardonnay, and cabernet franc, among others. 

If you are looking for an intimate wine tour, the Raphael Winery will give you the perfect ambiance. For your transportation, our Long Island wine tour packages for 2 with an exquisite limo would be available to you.

There are at least over a dozen reputable wineries in Long Island where you can celebrate the New Year. Make your New Year celebration a memorable one with a wine tour to the Wine Country. Trust us at Long Island Winery Limo to take care of your transportation arrangement with our North Fork wine tours limo.