Best Wineries & Vineyards in Long Island

Wineries & Vineyards in Long Island
Wineries & Vineyards in Long Island

The Top 10 Best Wineries & Vineyards in Long Island

Choosing the best wineries & vineyards in Long Island can be a difficult task, considering that there are over 50 wine producers in the city. However, you do not have to worry. This post shares details of the top ten wineries that you can explore on the site. 

By the way, the top Long Island wineries boast exceptional tasting rooms and side attractions, like special events that involve live music. The best Long Island wineries should also have the perfect spots for group picnic or events. So, which of the wineries and vineyards make it to our list of top ten? 

Before going ahead with the list, we would want to let you know that when you need a bespoke party bus wine tour NYC to any of these destinations, Long Island Winery Limo has the perfect ride for you.

  • Macari

This is a family-owned and managed vineyard located on a 500-acre of land on the Mattituck waterfront. Visitors can explore the different wines available in the tasting room. You can choose from different wines or flights by the glass. The best part is that the wines are accompanied by artisanal charcuterie and cheese. Macari is undoubtedly one of the top destinations for Long Island wine tours.

  • Kontokosta Winery

This is another family-owned and managed vineyard with a stunning tasting room and a magical outdoor space. If you are looking for hand-crafted wines, this is the place to be. When it comes to going on a wine tasting Long Island trip to the Kontokosta Winery, Long Island Winery Limo is available to provide you with the best luxury ride.

  • Martha Clara

This winery has evolved to become a top destination for wine lovers looking for top reds, Chardonnays, and Rieslings. The prices are reasonable and you can reserve ahead of time to get a private VIP tasting experience. Our Long Island winery day trip will get you to and from Martha Clara without stress.

  • Sparkling Pointe

This winery specializes in the exclusive production of what is known as méthode champenoise sparkling wine. It is undoubtedly a glamorous destination that features an outdoor lounge and glass chandeliers. You will find this an amazing place to visit.

  • Raphael

This is one of the most famous destinations for Peconic wine tourists. It features an impressive, Mediterranean-style building with large luxurious testing facilities. Beyond the delicious wines you can taste, you can also enjoy a variety of charcuterie and cheese offered in the winery.

  • Pindar

This is the largest winery in Long Island and it has grown from just a backyard project of the Damianos family in the early 80s to more than 500-acre of vines with about 23 wines in production. The Pindar’s impressive tasting room in Port Jefferson and Peconic are the sources of the high-end red blends and best sparkling wines in the state. If you would love to go on a Long Island winery private party at this destination, trust us to provide you the group transportation that you need.

  • Bedell

Bedell is not just a winery. It is a blend of art and wines. Owned by the Lord of the Rings film producer, Michael Lynne, this destination has earned its place among the top winery destinations in Long Island. The most popular wines you would find at this winery are the Merlots.

  • Channing Daughters

This winery remains a benchmark for wineries in Long Island. This makes it a top destination for limo winery tours in Long Island. You can enjoy up to six wines for as low as $12 at Channing Daughters and you have more than two dozens of varietals to choose from. You will love every moment at this winery.

  • Wölffer Estate

Wölffer Estate boasts of a chic, terracotta-tiled tasting room designed in a well-manicured European-referencing style. This destination is open for a winter wine tour on Long Island and also during the warmer months. For summer, you can choose the outdoor wine stand where you watch the sunset on a beautiful weekend. The wine tasting events are often accompanied by live music. 

  • McCall

This is a family-owned and managed vineyard that was established in 2007. However, it has earned a reputation for producing wines from one of the most elusive grapes in the world, Pinot Noir. If this is your favorite wine, McCall is the next destination for your Long Island limo wine tour


There you have the top ten best wineries and vineyards in Long Island to explore. Are you planning a Long Island winery private party? Trust us at Long Island Winery Limo to arrange your luxury van rental to any of these wineries & vineyards.